Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy About: Subway Signs

Well, if you haven't already guessed, I'm a smidge enamored with New York City - to the point where if I'm driving across the George Washington Bridge and can't stop, I will roll down the window just to get a whiff of the city air. True story. (And to follow up to my New York State of Mind post, I am happy to announce that I managed to spend a few hours in the city a couple weeks ago! Yay! I would classify it as a successful trip - I had brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, saw a celebrity, got a DELICIOUS cupcake the size of my face, and even caught a glimpse of Fashion Week in Bryant Park.)

But back to the post ... I'm loving subway signs. Not the current ones with the bright circles - old school subway signs. Vintage subway signs. The ones below are from Restoration Hardware. They sell a few different sizes with different locations. (Also of note is that chair and the printmaker table - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!)

In search of a less expensive option, I came across this website that sells signs similar to those you may have seen in movies like Monster-In-Law and Spiderman III. Some are genuine vintage subway signs that have been restored which is cool because you can have an actual piece of New York history - some date all the way back to the 1920's. Not much cheaper than RH, but they are the real deal. You can even customize a sign by selecting from variety of destination panels, some hard to find. And fortunately, they also sell limited edition prints on canvas that closely resemble the vintage originals for just a couple hundred bucks.

And just so you know, I do have interests beyond New York City and prints. I'll prove it.

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