Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eye Candy

So I finally took a look at the inaugural edition of Lonny. It's chock full of absolutely beautiful images and is a great new source of inspiration as shelter pubs continue to fold; still, nothing beats holding an actual glossy in your hands.

Pros: Instant gratification.

Mouse over an item you like on the page and a link will take you directly to the maker's website where you can get more information and make a purchase. I love not having to remember to look something up when I can just click on it and learn everything I need to know.

Cons: Decidedly hard to look through.

You have to zoom in to read the text and scroll up, down and sideways to see the entire page layout, so you can't read and view photos in one eye full. And it was frustrating to wait - both for the page to flip and for the content to load.

It may be too soon to tell, but it seems that Lonny could help fill the ginormous void that Domino left. I wonder if they'll consider any print issues? Wishful thinking...

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