Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On My Mind

In no particular order...

Jackie fabric from Rubie Green. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Chilewich iPhone case - stylish and functional

House of Harlow 1960 Aztec bangle. Nicely done, Nicole Ricci.

Hobo International 'Lauren' Double Frame Clutch. In mustard? Perhaps...

Image via Aubrey Road

This gorgeous glossy black chest of drawers. If I can find something similar on craigslist, I would apply a couple coats of spray enamel and Wipe-On Poly, get some new hardware, and hope it would look just like this.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Typography Tuesday

I love the vintage feel of this typeface and how it looks just like keys on an old typewriter.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Design Love

I love good design, pretty packaging and New York. So when I saw this a couple weeks ago, I was blown away. (Yes, another NY related post, but whatevs, this is awesome).

Courtney over at one of my favorite sites, designworklife, created this amazing Save the Date for her upcoming wedding. I love the use of multiple typefaces - it makes the piece fun, but they did it in such a way that they were able to maintain an air of sophistication - which is not an easy thing to accomplish. And of course, I think the clever peppering of lyrics from Frank Sinatra's Theme from New York, New York is a perfect way to set the tone for a Manhattan wedding.

This package is chock full of unique and well thought out details - from the use of city maps as envelope liners and seals right down to the address label.

Absolutely inspiring!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Over two months without a post. Shameful, I know. I've been busy - I designed a sweet little baby announcement for some very special clients that I hope to share with you soon. And I remodeled a bathroom. We tore down wallpaper and replaced some fixtures. I really wanted to paint it gray, but couldn't find a shade that didn't look depressing. So I panicked and now it's blue. Here's the hue I was going for

Image via Domino

I'm looking for a mirror to complete the blue-not-gray bathroom. I'm holding out until I find exactly what I'm looking for. Stalking Home Goods will commence on Monday.

On another note, it's cold. I want to be warm. So I bought gray flannel sheets from Overstock in both an attempt to stay cozy and to establish a subtle gray theme throughout my house (since it didn't quite work out in the bathroom). I really enjoy the snow, but when it's not snowing and it's just plain cold, there's nothing to do but embrace the season. Here are a few more items that would make winter better

Distillation of an Edwardian Fireplace candle by Royal Apothic from Anthropologie. I don't have a fireplace, so the scent of smoke plumes, white birch cinders, clove and amber will have to do. (I imagine that's what the manor from Wuthering Heights would smell like...)

Square Decanter from Pottery Barn - preferably filled with brandy. I've never actually tried it but I keep telling my husband that we should be brandy people because it seems like the New England thing to do.

Colossal Cables Throw by Anthropologie in plum. Texture and warmth. Score.