Monday, March 1, 2010

On the Hunt

I'm currently scouring ebay, Craigslist, local antique stores, and my great aunt's garage (a treasure trove, I'm telling you!) for the following:

Hobnail Milk Glass
My latest obsession. I acquired a cream and sugar set from my great aunt last year and since then it's become a fun thing to collect. Last week I found a round vase with ruffled edges at an antique store that I'm anxiously waiting to put fresh peonies in. Next up, the cookie jar.

French Bistro Table
I like to imagine myself sitting at the table on a Sunday morning awaiting my french toast (I have a great husband!) with a cup of coffee and the Style section of the NY Times...

Image via Rubie Green (a bizarre source for a furniture piece, I know, but inspiration comes as it does...)

Toast Rack
To hold my stationery, not my breakfast.

Image via Lonny