Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Calendar Round-Up: Part II

The second half of the Luxe & Fresh 2011 Calendar Round-Up is here for your viewing pleasure ...

Snow and Graham - these botanical beauties are a great option if you don't have a window at your desk, you can enjoy a little bit of the outdoors all year round! And the Snow and Graham calendars come in a variety of sizes, so there's something for both big and small spaces.

Linda and Harriett - a beautiful two-color letterpress calendar that's simple, yet full of charm. Bonus: the back of each illustration features a post card. Cut it off at the end of each month and send it in the mail to a special someone. What a great reminder to keep the written note alive!

Kate Spade - these are perennial favorites, for sure. Full of colorful illustrations and ideas of how to live with style, how can you not be happy looking at this every day?

And if you use your iPhone exclusively as your calendar, download the free kate spade new york app. I love how it automatically adds details of secret sales and events of interest in New York City to your calendar. It's like getting a surprise invitation from Kate herself! By the way, did you honestly think I'd complete this calendar round-up without a mention of New York City?? Really...

That's it for the 2011 Calendar Round-Up, hopefully you've found something that you'll love to look at all year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Calendar Round-Up: Part I

It's always well into January when I finally get around to buying a new calendar, so I actually feel like I'm on the ball this year, although in actuality, I'm down to the wire! In any case, I'm back and armed with a round-up of some gorgeous 2011 calendars. It's better late than never, right? With just two weeks left until the New Year, these lists will hopefully save you last minute shoppers (like me!) the time of scouring the world wide web by highlighting some of the great options out there - you're bound to find something that suites your personal style!

Part I of the Calendar Roundup features the best of the best on Etsy. Let's have a looksy, shall we?

Creatures of the Deep - simple and nautical, this one's definitely my pick for 2011!

Mustache of the Month - destined for the desk of a quirky someone with a great sense of humor. And better yet, it's great for guys, too!

Paris, Je T'aime - perfect for the Francofile. Magnifique, no?

Modern Designs - it's called modern, but this one feels vintage and feminine.

Eclectic - great for someone who loves constant change - there's a different look each month!

Venice - this Italian counterpart to the Paris, Je T'aime calendar will have you dreaming of cruising along the Grand Canal all day!

That wraps up all the great finds on Etsy. Check back tomorrow for Part II of the 2011 Calendar Roundup!